Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs & Cats

Who doesn't wish for those fluffy coats for their pet companions? If you're a pet parent who cares about the health of your pet, this is the right place.

Here is the all-rounder Ayurvedic protection for your pet, the hemp seed oil!

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C’mon, just be genuine, how many of y'all desire the perfect coat for your pets? Don't you want to maintain the health of your pet's coat without compromising their immunity? Are your pets suffering from signs of inflammation and are you looking for help?

Our pets bring us enormous delight, whether it's through their demands for belly rubs while we're at work or their constant attention when we're eating.

Pets are like our family, they make our lives so much better and more fun-filled. Thus, it becomes our responsibility to take care of them in the form of concern to provide them with the most wonderful methods of rejuvenation and rehabilitation.

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. Cold-pressing is the method used to extract its oil, identical to how olives are cold-pressed to generate olive oil.

Most often hemp seed oil and Cannabidiol oil are misunderstood as they are extracted from the same plant. But hemp seed oil is generated from the seeds of hemp while Cannabidiol oil is extracted from its leaves and stalks. Moreover, hemp seed oil has more advanced medicinal properties than the other.

Nutritionally speaking, hemp and its derivatives are abundant in vitamins, essential minerals, polyunsaturated fats, and protein.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats

hemp seed oil for dogs

All the dog and cat parents out there are on the search for that perfect remedy that solves their issues and does not cause any further complications in their system. This is where the science of Ayurveda meets the needs of the present generation in the form of Hemp seed oil. It is seen as effective in the following conditions:

  • Helps to enhance the immunity of your pets
  • Enhances the shine and texture of pet coats
  • Reduces the signs of inflammation and swelling
  • Helps to heal skin infections at a faster pace
  • Tackles obesity and weight management in pets
  • Relieve stress and anxiety, especially if your pets are in quarantine borns
  • Reduce the signs of pain and irritation
  • Keeps joints healthy, helps with arthritic pain

Petwell Hemp Seed Oil is an effective natural solution for your pets. It is safe for use both externally and orally.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Pets?

Direct oral administration of hemp seed oil as drops or by mixing it with your pet's food are the two options that may be opted for effective intake.

Dosage: It is advised to Mix 1ml per 5kg daily in the food for best results. Yet, It is always recommended to consider the option of your Vet before administering any hemp supplements.

Researchers also suggest that Hemp may be administered as hemp cake which has better fat-to-protein absorption for dogs in particular.

Ananta Hemp Works for Your Pet Protection

Ananta Hemp Works has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to improve the quality of people's health by delivering all-natural plant-based goods and integrating the benefits of the super herb, Hemp. Ananta Hemp Works focuses on offering the finest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-oriented goods to its devoted clients to broaden the scope of this wonder herb.

Now we have also introduced a wide range of products that help the well-being of your wonderful pets.

Petwell Skin Repair

Another common concern about pets is the condition of their coats and skin. Petwell Skin Repair is an effective solution for pets' skin issues. It consists of Vijaya leaf extract oil and Hemp seed oil.

hemp seed oil for pets skin


  • Reduce inflammation in the skin
  • Reduce itchy scaly lesions on the skin
  • Manages skin rashes and pain
  • Effective in bald patches left behind by previous wounds and surgeries

Dosage: Apply about 2-3 pumps over the affected area.

Consider this simple equation for your pet's complete wellness.
Give your world the best natural remedy for their well-being with the power of Ayurveda and hemp!

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