Hemp Hearts

Improves Digestion & Supports Good Heart Health

Body Butter

With Hemp Seed Oil, Almond & Avocado

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Vitamin C Face Serum with hemp seed oil


Face Serum

With Hemp Seed Oil & Kakadu Plum

A power-packed elixir for your skin that
- Promotes cell regeneration
- Provides perfect nourishment
- Promotes even skin tone
- Boosts natural glow.

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All Natural, Safe & Perfectly Balanced for your well being

Plant based
GMO free
no harmful chemical
not tested on animals
gluten free
Paraben free
Soy free
Made in India

Ananta Ayurvedic

Hemp Seed Oil (Cold Pressed)

It is raw, unrefined, and cold-pressed to preserve the goodness of the hemp plant. Now you can uplift any dish and give them bountiful nutrition of this hemp seed oil. It is the best solution for all your problems, from personal care routine to daily meals. You can pour a spoonful of hemp seed oil into all your favorite cuisines.

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Great Quality, Great Price!

The best provider of hemp hearts in India by a wide wide margin! I am a regular. I vouch for the quality, the price and the service.

Pushpa Mohan Rao

Very good for the skin

What I liked most that it was non greasy n it penetrates into the skin immediately . Felt nice after applying

Shobita Kumar

Excellent Pain relieving Oil

I have been using Ananta Hemp Works Joint and Muscle Pain relieving oil for a year now and I find it pretty effective in pain management. It is affordable and one bottle lasts for a long time as the oil is quite concentrated and very little is used for each application.


Highly Recommended for Quality Sleep

Glad to have found this product. Sleep has been difficult to come by recently and this definitely helped. I feel much more rested and as a result, more relaxed through the day. Would definitely recommend this to anyone deprived of proper sleep.


One of the best medicines ever…

One of the best CBD medicines ever purchased. It provided relief to my severe backpain and helped me sleep. Little expensive, please make it easy on pocket.

Majid Hash

Ananta Hemp Roll-on
I prescribed the Ananta Hemp roll-on to a chronic backache patient who can't able to go under massage therapy. This roll-on helped him a lot in easing pain after regular usage.

Dr. Vaishali Atri

Going great guys.

I love to do ganja farming for me. I really love to do it. But need to know full information about it and no one should stop me from doing it.

Vinay Handigol

Five stars to all products tried thus far!

The hemp hearts and tasty and nutritious. The oil is a complete all-rounder. Can be consumed orally or applied topically. The bath soap is also very refreshing.

Mahima Anand

Pain relief balm.

I have a miniscus tear and have been in pain. The balm helps reduce the pain. However, I think it is quite expensive.

Gitah Angara

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hemp hearts


Promotes heart health
Improves the digestive health
Complete Plant Protein
Relieves Insomnia
Aids Weight Management
Regulates Hormones
Alleviates & Nourishes Skin
Naturally Occuring Omega 3 & 6
High Source of Protein, Fiber, Vitamin E & Minerals

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