Hemp Seed Oil Massage: Ancient Ayurveda Therapy Reimagined

Who likes that greasy smell of oil?
But what if you get the goodness of oil massage without the greasy smell or lardy feel?
Here is Hemp seed oil giving the power of ancient oil massage!!

Hemp Seed Oil Massage

Are you trying to protect your skin from getting dry? Are you constantly troubled with different skin ailments? Are you simply looking for methods to impart wellness? Abhyanga or oil massage is your cue! Oil massage is an essential part of skin care as well as the maintenance of health. But that greasy smell and lady feel often stop us from assimilating the immense virtue of oil massage. From reducing the accumulation of dry skin to imbibing healthy ageing, oil massage is the key. Oil massage may appear to be a dirty and laborious procedure, but massage with oil becomes second nature and very well worth the effort.

Abhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage

From dry patchy skin to the load of tension that you handle, the body is constantly facing its aftermaths in the form of various disease formations. Ayurveda emphasizes the vitality of Abhyanga or external oil massage for uplifting this sheet of vitiated entities situated externally to facilitate deeper rejuvenation and thus all-around wellness.

While the warm oil is massaged into the body in a synchronized manner, the oil seeps in through the porous skin undergoes metabolism and reaches the distinct areas of the body. Thus, a simple oil massage can transfer many nutrients through the skin to various deeper structures.

Benefits of Abhyanga

Although overall body metabolism is regularized, the chief benefits of hemp seed oil massage are as follows:

  • The health of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems is improved.
  • Circulation and lymph drainage are enhanced.
  • Improved sleeping habits
  • Skin that is softer and more resilient
  • Improved vision and other sense faculties
  • Graceful ageing
  • A natural shine to hair
  • Firm and sturdy body parts
  • Enhanced tone and vigour for all tissues
  • Prolonged life expectancy
  • A source of nutrition for the entire body

Well, the importance of oil massage and the need for it in our daily life is misunderstood, but, that sticky feel of oil that forms a layer over the skin isn't something we all like. True, but at the same time, we can't avoid oil Maggie's either. So, what is the solution? Simple, it's hemp seed oil!

Abhyanga with Hemp Seed Oil

Yes, you heard it right, Hemp seed oil is expressed from cold-passed hemp seeds that are a great source of natural healthy fatty acids and Omega. When oil massage is initialized with hemp seed oil, the virtue of pure hemp also seeps in, thereby maximizing the power of an oil massage.

When it comes to experiencing the nourishing advantages of abhyanga daily, there is a more accessible option to professional massage therapy-massaging oneself. But with our constant battles for survival, we don't have enough time or patience for self-care. This is where Ananta Vijaya wellness comes to your rescue with the power of hemp in Abhyanga.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Enhances skin glow
  • Reduces the occurrence of cognitive snags like seizures
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Helps to maintain the health of female reproductive organs
  • Enhances cellular rejuvenation and regeneration

Thus, this miraculous combination of Abhyanga using hemp seed oil imparts the quality of both at the same time. Another starring feature of hemp seed oil is its anti-grease formula. Hemp seed oil is not as viscous as other vegetable oil extracts or other essential oils, thus giving you the perfect oil massage without a lardy feel and greasy smell!

About Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta Hemp Works focuses on providing superior lifestyle, health, and all plant nutrition-based goods to our dedicated customers to expand the range of this wonder herb. Because hemp seed oil has an incredible impact on the body and soul in many aspects of better health, we wish to create a retail brand of lifestyle items using hemp seed oil as one of the main ingredients.

Here we incorporate the goodness of hemp seed oil and Vijaya leaf extract oil alongside the exceptional power of Abhyanga to normalize the vitiated entities of the body. This simple combination curbs all vitiated entities of the body and helps to achieve optimal wellness. While imbibing the goodness of oil massage, you simultaneously benefitted from better digestive power, enhanced skin lustre, a calmer mind, improved hair growth, and other such revolutionary achievements.

Oil massage is important to guide your inner well-being.
Join us on this journey for your ultimate rejuvenation using the mystic power of Ayurvedic oil massage and hemp seed oil. It's the Goodness of Panchakarma with the virtue of Hemp seed oil!!

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