Hemp Seed Oil - Your Pet’s Guardian Angel

You can’t understand what they say but you know what they feel when they feel it, just as they can sense our troubles and disturbed behaviours. Our pets are as much our caregivers, as we are theirs. But, if you house an animal, you know the despair of seeing them upset and in pain, and not knowing what to do to help them. 

hemp seed oil for dogs

Fortunately for us, nature has a solution resting in its laps for centuries. In the form of the Hemp plant, there’s an aid for almost every condition your pet is enduring and moaning through. Derived from the seeds of the hemp plant, the Hemp Seed Oil is an organic solution that doesn’t contain psychoactive elements and is appropriate for hyperactive pets, or animals suffering skin conditions, and even arthritis-stricken old pets.

An all rounder oil: Hemp seed oil is safe to be used both topically and orally. Its topical application over affected skins to treat skin conditions, is proven to be highly successful. Feeding it to pets orally also makes for a great alternative and helps their hormones maintain a suitable balance.

Helps the Pet fight Anxiety: Hemp seed oil is known to have therapeutic properties that benefit humans in managing pain and tackling anxiety. It works in the same way for our pets. Oral consumption of the hemp seed oil has relaxing effects especially in pets. It relaxes and calms hyper pets. With our prevalent lifestyles, the pets we foster today are bound to go through separation anxiety and recognise altered behaviours. In such cases, Hemp seed oil calms the frittering nerves, and helps them overcome anxiety and depression.

Relieves Arthritis pain: Age is no friend to living beings. Our pets face more difficulty at this time than we do, because of their inability to communicate. Especially for them, hemp seed oil is suggested. Its composition in the raw form is meant to manage pain and alter pain perception. Arthritis, and other ailments that accompany old age are contributors in their suffering. That is why it is suggested that one must consult vets for their pets and discuss how this can be included in their pet’s diets. The anti-inflammatory properties will help heal and strengthen the body.

Save them and their skin: Hemp Seed oil applied topically on our pets skin prevents shedding and maintaining their lusciously beautiful hair.

Boosts Immunity: One of the many benefits of the hemp seed oil is increasing the mobility and agility of our pets, giving them energy in daily activities. The boost to immunity in general is one of the best reasons why hemp seed oil is highly recommended for pets. The anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly properties make it a go to option for pet-parents to pick up more conscious products like this.

hemp seed oil for cats

All Benefits: Boosts Immunity, Reduces Shedding, Keeps the Skin Lubricated, Keeps Joints Healthy, Protects Gut, Anti-Inflammatory, Natural Omega 3 & 6

Composition: 100% raw unrefined hemp seed oil

How to Use: Mix 3-4ml daily in the food for best results

P.S. Ananta HempWorks has developed a range of pet products that give our furry friends a comfortable life and healthy pump of energy. Head over to their website for a detailed dive into Hemp and its applications.

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