Here's How to Bring Your Pounds Down


Are you tired of trying desperate menus that claim to cut down calories? Who says eating has to be boring especially when you're on the go to cut it out using the holistic companion!!


With everyone at home amidst the pandemic cooking through to overcome the misery, as its outcome we have all gained a few or more pounds. If you have noticed, suddenly we are a little too sluggish with lassitude in the air. Small bags of fat pockets have encircled our bellies and arms, wobbling out with our moves. So there is no scarcity of content about losing weight and fitness on the internet, but sifting through the buzz about new diet trends and workout regimens to find what makes the difference for you can be tricky.

The complications or rather discomforts of weight gain need no explanation. A simple pile of few days of no workout draws our energy out with weight becoming our enemy. Not to mention the cardiac troubles, palpitations, episodes of breathlessness, sleep apnea, screwed up metabolism, cognitive dysfunctions, and others, a total haywire system in short. 

For those who are in the constant struggle to remove some extra calories, now is the time!



With so much happening in the body, the right management regarding overall body enhancement and upliftment is necessary to procure the glory of before. This is where the surreal use of Ayurveda, the holistic branch of Indian medicine comes to your rescue. 

The powerhouse of the entire body is our Agni or digestive fire that roots to general well-being. It's when this fire is compromised with the reckless food combinations we consume, they get converted into fat with endotoxins that result in our gradual accumulation of fat in our tissues. Leading on to making us our enemy. According to Ayurveda, the Ahara or food we consume has a great effect on the extent of the effect on general metabolism. Those who gobble down more incompatible combinations with no regard to timely food intake are more prone to developing a faster weight gaining pace. 

Improper Agni being the core for all systemic malfunctions, the stepping stone on your journey for weight management should also begin from here. The first and most important aspect is the rightful enhancement of the digestive mechanism.  Further, the accumulated endotoxins have to be flushed out using the appropriate detox technique that empowers your digestion and general well-being.

Just as a building stands string on its base, once so much is obtained the body has now got a string framework. After this Inculcating the habit of daily routines with systemic management of lifestyle modifications and dietary adaptations will just do the charm. 

Yes! The food you consume after your body has been cleansed indeed has a great deal to work with when metabolism improves. 

Considering Ayurveda as your dietary regulator does not mean they get any boring. The simple yet prudent use of powerful spices like Ajamoda (Apium graveolens) commonly called Ajwain can help your diet in your weight loss protocol. Similarly, herbs like Pippali (black pepper), Punarnava (Hogweed), and many more can be used as effective salads or sides without compromising your tastebuds. It's important to consider all possible Ayurvedic dietary combinations with the help of your ayurvedic health care practitioner. 

While improving your food habits it is equally important to never skip your Daily Dose of exercise. It's totally fine if you can't do cardio every day,  you can opt for other rewarding methods of your choice. Yoga is highly acclaimed in Ayurveda as it helps to enhance your overall goodness and also boost your metabolism, urging you to have a faster weight loss journey. Calculate your daily calorie intake for weight loss with Calories Calculator.



Ananta has embarked on a groundbreaking path to improve people's health by delivering all-natural plant-based goods and integrating the benefits of the super herb Hemp. Ananta Hemp Works focuses on offering the finest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-oriented goods to its devoted clients to broaden the scope of this wonder herb. We want to build a retail brand of lifestyle products with hemp seed oil as one of the ingredients because it has amazing effects on the body and mind

The seeds of Vijaya (the Sanskrit for hemp) are potent with several nutritive potentials. It is heavy with a sweet flavor and with the same sweet metabolic end effect, it has an upper hand in alleviating the aggravated Vata entity. Its grinding action soothes nerves and has a slight calming effect on the neurological system. It has been discovered that, in addition to optimizing Vata entities, it also equalizes Pitta entities. This feature is especially effective for improving uterine conditions. Its strong piercing power, on the other hand, aids in cutting through fat layers and improving metabolism. Its fiery potency also aids in the sharpening of the digestive fire and the normalization of other metabolic activities, as well as the normalization of the Kapha entity. It is the best drug that may save you from your problems because it is a full herb.


After much detailed study and research, we have come up with an effective natural, plant-based, organic hemp formulation that will help you overcome weight issues that also enhance your metabolism. 

Ingredients: the formulation is compounded with a single basic component

Benefits: Hemp hearts offers a wide range of benefits, almost covering all systemic dysfunctions

  • It slows digestion by keeping the stomach fuller thus giving your weight loss supplement 
  • Improve better cell growth and regeneration 
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties 
  • With regular use, the risks of heart attacks and strokes can be reduced. 

Dosage: Sprinkle mix or add Ananta hemp hearts in any beverage or preparation as you like. With an infinite healthy recipe you can try, the options are limitless.

Ayurveda promises a simple and efficient weight-loss approach. You'll also recapture a robust sense of health and well-being along the journey. Know that the fruits that take the longest to ripen have the best flavor. So, if you're eager to try something new, get ready to embark on a new connection with Ayurveda that involves your mind, body, and health!

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