Are you having trouble falling asleep? Are you looking for measures to help you fall asleep?
Here is the power of Ayurveda and hemp to help you get your best sleep most naturally!
Don't tell me you're not frustrated when you lost your sleep the previous night?!
Sleeplessness is a common condition many of us face irrespective of age or stage of life. For the working population, it is the stress that triggers endless lights of insomnia while it's anxiety relating to exams and its associated pressure that leads to sleeplessness. For the older generation, insomnia can be due to incoherent thought, repetitive thinking patterns, overthinking, worrying and even the feeling of loneliness.

Sleeplessness can also occur as the signs of any underlying medical conditions such as gastric ulcer, Intervertebral Disc Prolapse (IVDP), Depression and others.

How do you know you have sleeping issues?
It is a common question raised among the youth. How exactly do you know we are suffering from sleeplessness? Insomnia is not only the inability to fall asleep but also the inability to fall asleep after waking up at night. Having continuous nights of disturbed sleep is also a sign of sleeplessness.


According to Ayurveda, sleep is considered one of the Triupasthmbha or the three pillars that support life. It is mentioned that a good night's sleep is BhootaDhatri or it protects the body like a mother protects her young one.
According to the concepts mentioned in Ayurvedic classics, sleep is the response the body overtakes to reduce the accumulation of the Vata entity and to naturally nourish the body.



There are 7 types of sleep according to Ayurveda. Six varieties of sleep occur as a reason for any pathological manifestations. Among the other varieties of sleep, only Ratri Swabhava Prabhava variety is the physiological sleep that ensures Wellness to our body. It is thus important to ensure that everybody receives their quota of optimal sleep.

There are many methods mentioned by Ayurveda to ensure that you receive your sleep. Sleeping in the early hours of the night preferably at 10.00 pm is an ideal time to attain peaceful sleep. Regular oil massages and drinking plenty of water during the daytime are simple techniques you can use. Another important thing to note is to reduce screen time immediately before sleep. Try to keep away all electronic devices including phones before going to sleep.

According to some research, The link between insufficient rest and a variety of conditions, including hypertension, overweight and type-2 diabetes, heart disease, compromised immune systems, and more, has been confirmed by new insomnia studies.

Now what if your sleep cycle is not managed despite all this?
How far are you willing to handle this frustration a day long?
Don't you think you need a better day?
Don't you think you need to stop worrying about your sleep again?
Here is Ayurveda and Ananta to help you!



The Ananta Vijaya Wellness Centre is on an innovative mission to improve people's health by providing products made entirely of natural plant materials and including the advantages of the super herb, hemp, or Cannabis sativa. Ananta Hemp Works specializes in providing its loyal customers with the highest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-focused goods to increase the appeal of this wonder herb. Because hemp seed oil has such remarkable health benefits for both the body and the mind, we aim to create a retail brand of lifestyle items using hemp as one of the main ingredients.

CANNAEASE SLEEP WELL: Hemp medicine for sleep 

                  Sleep well ananta hemp works

Here at Ananta Vijaya Wellness, we have come up with an optimal formulation using the potential drug Hemp or Cannabis sativa to improve your constant turmoil's of sleeplessness. If your sleep is well maintained then your mind is half okay.

Cannaease sleeps well in an Ayurvedic plant-based formulation that combines the goodness of Vijaya leaf extract and hemp seed oil with the fruitiness of strawberry extract.


The advantages of considering sleep well are as follows

  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Optimizes sleep-wake cycle
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Reduces anxiety-induced symptoms
  • Has natural anti-inflammatory action
  • Improves digestive mechanisms
  • Helps to ensure s restful night's sleep

How to use: It Is advised to consume 3-4 drops sublingually after food or as advised by your Ayurvedic health care practitioner

Sleep is an integral part of health. It is important to get the right amount of sleep during the right hours to sustain a quality function of the body.
Here is your chance to get rid of all your sleep irritations and lead a life without the weight of sleeplessness!

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