Unlocking the Miracle of Hemp in Food

Did you know, hemp is a wonderful plant protein that can be used effectively in cooking?
Here is Hemp to help you with the Ayurvedic meal!

hemp in daily diet

While munching down your favourite goodies, have you been keeping your calorie count in check? For those who require rich protein to build those muscles, do you think meat is the only option in your diet?

How often have you wished to make your cooking skills more convenient and healthier at the same time? I bet you're on the outlook for the perfect blend of gut-friendly and nutrition-rich diet plans that can fulfil all your nutritional requirements. Here is Hemp for your help, the right blend of goodness and ease!

Hemp in Diet

Hemp seeds are a robust complement to your winter nutrition because they are heavy, fatty, and slightly sweet. Even during the bleakest months of the year, these rich seeds nourish and strengthen tissue, keeping you feeling strong, sturdy, and supported. Their calming qualities assist you in remaining composed under pressure, and their sedative effects calm an active nervous system and promote feelings of intense relaxation.

Your favourite meals may have an unexpected flavour boost and perhaps some health benefits if you incorporate hemp into your cooking. Products made from hemp are derived from a particular strain of the cannabis sativa plant, which is high in fibre and antioxidants. It is processed into flour, protein powder, and other nutrients that are simple to include in recipes in addition to being consumed as seeds or oils.

Most often a common misconception relating to hemp is the possibility of hemp having a psychological impact on your wellbeing. Hemp is different from traditional cannabis for the same reason. Hemp seeds are safe for children and even dogs or your other pets for consumption.

Advantages of Hemp in Diet

Hemp seed and hemp seed oil have great nutritional potential and have immense benefits for the body.

  • Magnesium, a mineral that is abundant in hemp seeds and is connected to avoiding the possibility of coronary heart disease, helps control your heartbeat.
  • Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), one of the omega-6 fatty acids found in hemp seeds, may have anti-inflammatory properties akin to those of medications like ibuprofen and thus reduce signs of inflammation in the body.
  • Hemp oil can be applied directly to the skin as well as utilized in cooking to provide nutritional value to your food. According to studies, hemp seed oil can help with dry or itchy skin as well as eczema symptoms.
  • Hemp seeds have the ideal balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for nutritional value. This balance, which is frequently absent in typical diets, benefits both cardiovascular and mental well-being.

A Few Recipes to Try

Here are a few creative and innovative recipes to try and incorporate the goodness of hemp in simple daily meals.

1. Coconut strawberry lime smoothie: You may add hemp seeds to your smoothie for one of the simplest recipes. This protein-rich, creamy strawberry version has cashews for texture and a blend of coconut and lime for a touch of the tropics. You may also add a spoonful of hemp seed to your favourite smoothie for that nutty twist.

2. Plant protein pancakes: These tasty protein-packed pack cakes can be made simply by mixing hemp seeds into pancake batter or by tossing a few over the caramelized edges. You can even use hemp seed oil instead of butter but on low flame.

3. Nutty Granola bars: Add a tad bit of nuttiness to your regular Granola bars or mix Granola, hemp seeds, warm chocolate and honey, shape them into bars or cookies and enjoy a mistake snake without working about snacking.

4. Hemp Alfredo sauce: A nutritious alfredo sauce with ten simple ingredients and thirty minutes of cooking time is available. Cook up a regular Alfredo, pesto or Marinesa sauce and add a teaspoon of hemp seeds to see its flavour escalating.

About Ananta Hemp Works

To increase the appeal of this miracle herb, Ananta Hemp Works concentrates on offering premium lifestyle, wellness, and all plant nutrition-based products to its passionate customers. We want to develop a retail brand of lifestyle products using hemp seed and hemp seed oil as our main components because they have such a remarkable effect on the body and soul in many aspects of better health.

Here at Ananta Hemp Works, we offer the best Hemp seed and hemp products rightly sourced from our farmers working under AYUSH norms to give you quality assured hemp devoid of any mishap.

Cooking can be made fun, creative and nutritional at the same time by the simple addition of this beautiful ingredient, hemp.
Join with Ananta hemp works to source the best quality hemp seeds and to taste and feel what is optimum for the body.

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