Harmonising Yoga and Hemp in Ayurvedic Practice

Most often finding the best treatment for your ailments is a question that needs hard thinking.
Combining the goodness of two equipt Indian sciences with the power of hemp, Ananta Hemp Works is here to your rescue!

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Living in this modern world, we are faced with many challenges. Challenges that distort our physical health and those that confront our cognitive wellness. From the changes in your sleep-wake cycle to the deranged hormonal cycles, various lifestyle manifestations, and not to mention the varied rearrangements in your food habits. Most of your days begin with a breakfast that's either skipped or taken as a brunch and ends with an extensive dinner. Most days you keep your exercise to rest for a while or to sleep in. Most often your sleep is composed to finish pending project reports or to do the laundry. Thus, our constantly compromised lifestyle is the reason for all your ailments.

Don't you think you need an escape from all these stockpiles and find the right rhythm needed for your body? Don't you think the rightful help from various sources is necessary to solve your health queries?

Yoga and Hemp in Ayurvedic Practice

Yoga in Ayurveda

Yoga understood as union, is a mindful connection between the body and the mind that tends to direct its energy towards positivity. There are many similarities between yoga with Ayurveda. The concept of PanchaMahabhuta (five elements that govern our existence), and the concept of Tridosha (three bodily humours) are a few to mention.

Yoga runs on the principles of Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadi. These are the basic funding principles of yoga. Yama decodes to a set of rules that needs to be practised, which can be correlated with the idea of DinaCharya and Ritucharya mentioned in Ayurveda. Similarly, many similarities can be drawn between the two Indian sciences.

Some essential practices of Yoga such as Asana (yogic postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) can be well incorporated with Ayurveda to aid in better disease management as a treatment protocol.  There are certain Asanas that are specifically employed as indications in certain disease conditions. Similarly, Pranayama techniques can be used to channel the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

Hemp in Ayurveda

In today's world, Hemp or Cannabis Sativa is a plant, whose medicinal properties are highly acclaimed. Its varied qualities with the richness of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are the best plant-derived nutritional source. Considering the plant protein in hemp, it tops over whey and is also a wonderful option for all the vegans out there. Hemp seed oil and hemp seeds are the best food alternatives that anyone can opt for, that is abundant with nutritional value.

According to Ayurveda hemp was understood by the term Vijaya and was used as an analgesic. Various rejuvenating formulations with the same herb have been mentioned in the classical. Another startling feature is its ability to normalise the functioning of all three vitiated bodily humours. In the mediaeval era, there has been evidence that this miraculous herb has also been used to deliver mild Anesthetic effects in many operative procedures that were recorded.

About Ananta Hemp Works

Here at Ananta Hemp Works, we combine the essence of two epic sciences, yoga and Ayurveda with the potential of hemp for your ultimate wellness! Here at Ananta hemp works we focus on bridging to the best quality hemp cultivated by the farmers of India under strict AYUSH guidelines.

Striving towards becoming the industry leader in providing a variety of products with the goodness of hemp to its customers. Ananta Hemp Works is one of the top hemp companies in India and is poised to revolutionise this nascent industry with its structured approach, holistic vision and able leadership.

Our Approach

We provide a comprehensive approach while managing all maladies including lifestyle diseases. Every patient coming to Ananta Hemp Works receives a systematic treatment protocol beginning with a detailed physical examination. After a suitable investigative procedure, the treatment is initiated.

Systematic Shodhana (Eliminative procedures) and Samana (Alleviation procedures) therapies are undertaken according to the condition of the patient and aliment. According to the condition, the treatment may be done using hemp seed oil if it is necessary. Further hemp wellness is provided along with comprehensive Yoga incorporation. Certain Asana and Pranayama techniques are enrolled according to the mental state and needs of the patient and the requirement of the disease.

A holistic method that combines the goodness of yoga and Ayurveda with the nurtured goodness of hemp in the form of wellness and personal care is the goal we impart to our customers.
Here is your opportunity to grab what is best for you. Follow this intrinsic and comprehensive natural method to tune your body with the music of nature.

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