Hemp Almond and Dates Coffee!

Hemp almond and dates Coffee!

A new touch to your regular Cold Coffee!
Replace your Dairy based Milk with Almond and Hemp milk.

Take 2 tablespoon Ananta Hemp Hearts and 4-5 Almonds. Soak them overnight and blend with 100ml water when ready to make your coffee.

To this, add 2 dates for sweetness and coffee powder.

Adding Ananta hemp hearts to your coffee will not only enhance its nutrition level but also the taste!

Yes, the natural nutty and creamy flavor of Ananta hemp hearts is perfect to be added to anything and everything. This superfood is not restrictive in nature when it comes to flavors and taste pallets. Hemp hearts can be added to sweet, sour, salty and everything else.

They have their own flavor and texture but they are also very adaptable to whatever they are added.

Hemp hearts as a topping is one thing. Using hemp milk to make your coffee next time is what we suggest from our hearts!

Indeed, like any other nut milk or plant-based milk, hemp milk is a superior option available to us. The sweet, creamy and nutty flavor makes coffee taste more divine.

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