Hemp Fruit Truffles!

Hemp Fruit Truffles!
These are not your regular chocolate truffles!
But these have chocolate! (Optional)

What do we need to make these delicious and beautiful fruit truffles?

We need fruits!

Take 1 kg of pineapple and grate it. Cook it with one teaspoon ghee or coconut oil on a low flame till the water is reduced and it leaves the pan.

Similarly, take 2 apples, peel, grate and cook them.

Take 100 gm shredded coconut, lightly toast it dry to golden and not brown.

Next we take some dry cranberries, about 30 gms.

50 gms of hemp seeds and 50 gms of Ananta's hemp hearts, for a smoother texture you can also make a paste of these with some water to act as a binding agent. If you don't find hemp seeds, 100 gms of Ananta's hemp hearts can be taken.

Optional ingredients are cacao nibs and choco chips.
Hemp Fruit Truffles!

To add a base to these we add roasted oat flour 50 gms.

Bind these together in a properly mixed mixture and form small bite size balls with it.

These are best served after refrigerated for 2 hours!

We add no extra sugar to this as pineapple and apple have enough!

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