Hemp Pink Latte

Hemp Pink Latte
Have you ever tried a pink latte or red velvet latte?
You must have, if not you might have heard about it.

Ever wondered how they turn it red or pink? It is often done with artificial food colouring, the source of which may not always be chemical free.

Here we have a naturally coloured Hemp Pink Latte.

The pink here comes from the very beautiful beetroot!

Ingredients are - 300 ml water, 1 chopped beetroot, cardamom and cinnamon, 100 gms of Ananta's hemp hearts, 3 dates or brown sugar, coconut cream, vanilla essence and 2 teaspoon favourite tea.

Process is - Take the water in a pan, add tea, beetroot, cardamom, cinnamon and bring it to a boil. Once this is done, let it cool to room temperature and let the spices infuse more. Later, sieve it for use.

Now take Ananta's hemp hearts and make hemp milk with cold water (but not icy). Add coconut cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla essence to it.

Now when you want to make it, heat the spiced beetroot water not boil it. In a cup add desired amount of sugar, fill it half with the milk and half with water and give it a mix.

And it is ready to be served.

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