Hemp Turmeric Milk

Hemp Turmeric Milk

Yes, this is a great combination of ingredients.

We all have disliked turmeric milk so much that as adults as well we fail to accept it in our lives for its richness.

We have for you a quick recipe that will make you love it, and it's a promise.

Ingredients used to make Hemp Turmeric Milk

- 40-50 gms raw turmeric / 1 tablespoon dry turmeric powder
- 100 ml oat milk
- 100 gms Ananta's hemp hearts
- 200ml water
- 4-5 tablespoons ready to mix vanilla custard powder
- 70gms coconut or brown sugar (or Jaggery)
- 1-2 drops of vanilla essence

- take the custard mix and cook it on low flame with some oat milk. Add sugar of choice or shredded jaggery to dissolve it quickly. Add more sugar as per your taste if you want it more sweet.

- Take turmeric and add it to warm 100 ml water and give it a boil.

- Take hemp hearts and make a thin paste with water to a creamy consistency and add vanilla essence to it.

- Once all these are at room temperature, combine them with a whisker to a smooth consistency.

- You can add more water if you feel it's too thick.

You can enjoy it hot, warm or even cold. Bon appetites!

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