Hemp Vegan Pancakes

Hemp Vegan Pancakes

We need:-

  •  20 gm Wheat flour
  •  30 gm Almond flour
  •  20 gm Oat flour
  •  20 gm Semolina
  •  1 Tablespoon Ananta Hempseed Powder
  •  2 teaspoons Vanilla Essence
  •  2 tablespoons Hemp Hearts
  •  3 tablespoons Brown sugar
  •  A pinch of Salt
  •  1 cup warm water ( it will make the pancakes extra soft)

Instructions to make Vegan Pancakes:-

Mix Wheat flour, Almond flour, Oat flour, Ananta Hempseed powder, and Semolina with Warm water and Vanilla Essence.

Add a pinch of Salt and brown sugar and keep a few aside for Garnishing later.

Cook medium-sized pancakes with coconut oil or any other choice of oil and serve warm on these lovely sweet winter mornings with a cup of hot chocolate!

You can also add a choice of available seasonal fruits too!

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