Quinoa and Hemp Hearts with Sauteed Vegetables!

Quinoa and Hemp Hearts with Sauteed Vegetables!

Here we have a bowl of quinoa (150 gms) and hemp hearts (80 gms).
Lightly Roast quinoa and cook them in water to a desired texture with salt and half Lemon's juice, (some people like it mushy and some people like it dry and separate like basmati rice.)

After cooking, add to this, toasted or raw .

For the sauteed vegetables, take one chopped onion (medium size), two carrots, 200 gms baby spinach, basil leaves, handful of cherry tomatoes or others (1 whole tomato of medium size) whichever available.

For the dressing, take one tablespoon peanut butter, three tablespoon olive oil, black pepper, salt, chilli flakes, oregano and juice of one lemon to top it.

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