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11 products

Hemp Personal Care Products

From superfoods to healthcare, personal care to cosmetics, hemp has made its way into our day-to-day lives. With new makeup and skincare trends, hemp personal care products are being used as a more natural & safer option.

Natural Personal Care Products:

The modern personal care market desires more plant-based formulas over synthetics & chemicals; thereby giving more value to the minimalistic ingredients like hemp. Less is more in personal care & skin care industry, and hemp is an ingredient that outshines several other natural ingredients.

What Makes Hemp So Popular?

Hemp plant contains less than 0.3% Tetrahydrocannabinol. Due to the low value of Tetrahydrocannabinol in hemp, using it causes no intoxication, but provides several therapeutic benefits. Today, you can find hemp seed oil extract in several products like personal care hemp lotion, hemp soap bars, hemp body butter & more.

Why Hemp Products are Popular?

Hemp seed oil increases the efficacy of a product by reducing inflammation in the skin. Hemp-based skin care products are effective for blemish-prone skin, reduces early signs of aging, and provides deep moisturization to the skin.

Personal care hemp lotions can repair the skin’s lipid barrier, protects the skin from damage & irritation. Personal care hemp products effectively fight excess oil, dryness, pigmentation and fine lines of the skin. These products replenish the skin & improve its natural inflammatory response.

One can get the proper skin care & personal care regime with limited ingredients by adding hemp products like personal care hemp lotion, hemp soap & more.

Why Buy Hemp Products at Ananta Hemp Works?

Ananta Hemp Works is a venture, dedicated to provide all-natural & 100% organic hemp products to the customers at affordable prices. With a wide range of personal care & cosmetic products like hemp body butter, hemp face serums, hemp soap bars & more, you can enjoy the goodness of nature & effective personal care regime.