Use The Power of Herbs to Help You Glow From Within: Ayurveda and Skin Glow

Hey! What do you see in the mirror when you look in the mirror? What happened to all your glitz and glam? Where did your radiance go?
For how long have you been on the lookout for that perfect natural remedy for all your skin problems. 
The mystic power of hemp is for your rescue! 
Skin care

Much to our worry, Our skin appears to be many days older than the time we have spent watching ourselves. A portion of it is also not our fault. Our skin has become a bumper for dust, smoke pollutants, stress, and finally a thick coating of cosmetics that claim to nourish your skin as a result of being an active member of a continuously growing modern society. While physical factors are important, an individual's emotional state is also important. Sleepless nights from hectic work schedules, late-night meetings, and a constantly annoying boss only add to the burden your skin already bears in the form of a pigmented line of worries.

According to the modern system of medicine, there are a variety of causes that trigger skin damage including excessive sun exposure to laundry detergent soap. Individuals who consume alcohol and those with cigarette smoking have also shown severe skin damage. Anything that coccus on your skin from redness to wrinkles are all signs your skin is communicating with you, showing its ill-health.


skin glow

Unlike the other branches of medicine, Ayurveda understands and comprehends a disease based on the Doshic predominance or based on the most expressive entity. According to Ayurveda, The Skin or Twak is the Upadhatu of Rasa Dhatu is the first product of digestion. Thus the skin is the first to reveal new speckled flaws and unpleasant botches as the entire circadian cycle goes haywire, mixed with all the unsuitable and unwholesome food we naively consume. Naturally, because all diseases begin with a poorly lit digestive fire, the development of adequate Rasa becomes a question, raising concerns about the skin's health. Ayurveda offers a variety of luxurious treatments that promote health and beauty from the inside out. This is where Ayurveda can help you with the best topical treatment for your skin problems.

Since the problem for all skin maladies begins at the digestive level, so is the ayurvedic treatment. The therapy is initiated with Deepana or digestive therapy that normalizes the digestive fire. Further, the aggravated entity according to symptoms proctored by the person is eliminated. To achieve bodily homeostasis Vamana (Stipulated emesis) or Virechana (stipulated purgation) according to the condition of the patient. Sometimes external applications of pastes made from herbal blends are also used to alleviate the condition. After which the Ojas known as quantum of immunity is enhanced. The same Ojas are responsible for the perfect structure and glow for your skin.


hemp leaves

Ayurveda achieves its wonderful action with the rightful application of certain exceptional herbs. One such wonderful herb with cryptic action is hemp or industrial hemp.

Ananta Hemp Works is on a mission to help people live healthier lives by providing all-natural plant-based products and leveraging the benefits of Hemp. To expand the reach of this wonder herb, we specialize in providing the highest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-oriented goods to its satisfied customers. We want to create a lifestyle retail brand with hemp seed oil as one of the core ingredients because it has so many physical and emotional benefits.

skin care

Seeds of Vijaya (the Sanskrit word for hemp) are nutritionally rich and versatile. It has a strong flavor and aroma, as well as a smooth metabolic result, which helps to relieve the agitated Vata entity. Its scraping action calms nerves and keeps the nervous system in check. It has been revealed that it not only balances Vata and Pitta but also optimizes Vata. This is a very useful aspect in the treatment of uterine problems. On the other hand, its incredible penetrating power aids in slicing through fat layers and increasing metabolism.

Its blazing strength aids in the sharpening of the digestive fire as well as the normalization of other metabolic functions and the Kapha entity.

The potent activity of Hemp against exacerbated Vata is for your benefit, as irregularities in the cognitive elements are greatly stimulated by Vata imbalance.


hemp seed oil

Yet another truly musical effect hemp has on the skin is in the form of our hemp Sativa oil. It can be used to massage your face, body, and even scalp.

Benefits: This cold pressed extraction, helps to improve the original skin glow with its innate presence of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

  • Rich in essential fatty acids it improves the quality of your hair and skin.
  • The rich proteins in it help to optimize the protein structural layers of the skin.
  • Its anti-inflammatory action relieves all signs of skin dysfunctions.
  • Skin oxygenation and hydration is favored with regular use of hemp Sativa oil.

Use: It's totally up to you, pour a spoonful in your salads or smoothies. With the never-ending combinations to try, hemp Sativa oil is your way for healthy eating habits.


hemp face serum

With a wide range of hemp products available in the market, it's often difficult to find the most appropriate product. Here is where Ananta’s Hemp Kumkumadi and Rosehip Face Serum comes in and plays a role to promote skin wellness with the combination of best natural ingredients.

Ingredients: It has the goodness of Hemp seed oil, Olive oil, Kumkumadi Oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, and many more skin-nourishing entities.

Benefits: The simple yet regular use of hemp face serum has exceptional potential in optimizing the overall skin metabolism yet it mainly focuses on

  • One step rejuvenation for tired and early aging skin 
  • Rich in vitamin c and boosts the radiance of the skin 
  • Helps to remove pigmented blocked and constant wrinkles 
  • Helps to give you a youthful and gradient appearance

Use: Take a few drops on your palm, dab and apply it on your face and neck. Use twice in a day in your regular skincare routine for best results.


cannaease skin protect

CannaEase skin protect is a wonderful combination that combines the richness of hemp with the nourishment of coconut. It helps to manage skin ailments, give nourishment to skin and fights off all dry cells. It is the best formulation that supplements optimal skin rejuvenation. It is also beneficial for those suffering with eczema, skin allergies or or seasonal rashes as well.

Ingredients: It is formulated with Vijaya leaf extract and Virgin coconut oil.

Benefits: The regular use of Skin Protect had exceptional effects in the optimisation of skin. It includes 

  • Moisturizers and nourishes dry skin 
  • Prevents the formation of recurrent acne and it's scars 
  • Supports the generation of supple and soft skin 
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate the itchy red rashes 
  • Inherent with anti-inflammatory properties

Use: Gently apply 10 - 12 drops on the affected site and massage gently. Do not apply on open wounds.

Starting with plenty of water to eating sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables daily, you can help mold the condition of your skin. Ultimately, it is the glow from within that gives the skin its wonderful radiance. While supplementing the appropriate food and lifestyle changes with supplemental pharmaceuticals, your mental state has an impact on your inner radiance and, as a result, the quality of your skin. For our skin is just a small reflection of who we truly are, down there deep inside.

Use this magical power of hemp in your daily life to see yourself glow!

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