Say Goodbye to Pricks Using Ayurveda : Diabetes & Ayurveda

How many more pricks do you intend to get in the name of a monthly blood sugar test? Is there no remedy for this spike in your glucose level despite giving up on your favorite sweets??

The goodness of hemp is here to help you from this misery.

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How far have you been on the desperate diet to cut down sugars, be it sweeteners, the deliciousness of mouth-watering laddus to something as simple as a cup of steaming hot sweet chai? From the time we have known sweet dishes be it artificially sweetened or those naturally drizzled with nature’s sweets, the sensation of sweetness has clung on to our taste buds from the time we can ever remember. We have all stolen the jar of cookies baked by our grandma, but now they have to be kept away from our range. It’s strange, till yesterday we could not think of a life without our favorite sweets, now we are on a sweet-free diet!

With the extent of sedentary life, we are all currently engaging with, diabetics are the new neighbor to our livelihood. Combined with this comes the payoff of all the high-calorie diets we are consuming, this cumulative effect is somewhere the villain that triggers diabetes. With the changing world, it’s time for your unarmed life and regimen using the principles of Ayurveda.  


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The science of Ayurveda understands and comprehends a disease with a much different perspective than all other systems of medicine. Doshas or those functional entities that govern the equi stasis are responsible for all bodily disturbances when not managed effectively. In Ayurveda, Prameha is an umbrella term used for all obstinate urinary diseases of which Madhumeha may be correlated with the Modern concept of diabetes mellitus.

Wait! If you have read it right it said obstinate urinary disease, but diabetes appears in the blood right? Well here’s the simplified version to understand this concept.

While modern philosophies only speak of the spike in blood sugar levels with its prudent elimination through the urine, Ayurveda speaks of the characteristics of urine. All the maladies under the umbrella of Prameha are those that have a specific character to the urine due to systemic dysfunctions, so is the case with diabetes. The excessive sugars in blood being eliminated through urine gives it a cloudy appearance with an esterours smell. This nature of the urine can only come as a result of diabetics. For those who have cloudy urine with no appearance of any diabetic symptoms, trust us, this is your cue to change!

Much like the western medical system, a sedentary lifestyle with the pile of incompatible food combinations that we consume for our whims and fancies are the main cause for the formation of the disease. Agni, the digestive fire is the source for all maladies according to Ayurveda. The presence of a compromised agni further determinates the situation and worsens the Ojas or the coefficient of immunity in the body. All this acts against the cells of the pancreas interrupting its innate mechanism to produce insulin.

Ayurveda advises the rightful administration of certain wonderful herbs helps to reverse this scenario. Turmeric and Amlaki or Indian gooseberry are two important ones from the category.


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Ananta Hemp Works, with its presence over online stores are on a quest to improve people's care by providing all-natural plant-based products and using the benefits of the super herb, Hemp. To broaden the scope of this wonder herb, Ananta Hemp Works focuses on providing the highest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-oriented goods to its satisfied consumers. We want to create a lifestyle retail brand with hemp seed oil as one of the main ingredients because it has incredible health and mental benefits.

Vijaya (the Sanskrit word for hemp) seeds are nutrient-dense and can be used in a variety of ways. It has a strong sweet and nutty flavor and a sweet metabolic result, therefore it has an advantage in calming the inflamed Vata entity. Its grinding action relaxes the nerves and has a relaxing impact on the nervous system. It's been revealed that it not only optimizes Vata entities but also equalizes Pitta entities. This function is extremely useful for treating uterine problems. On the other side, it's great penetrating power aids in cutting through fat layers and increasing metabolism. Its fiery potency also aids in the sharpening of the digestive fire, as well as the normalization of other metabolic functions and the Kapha entity.

Prameha is a result of a complete mess in the level of all the entities, the prudent use of hemp to ease all these bodily entities and thus reduce your malady.  

HEMP SATIVA OIL: to support in your journey 

Along with the other miraculous herbs that do the charm, yet another spectacular herb is hemp. This raw, unpreserved, cold pressed hemp Sativa oil (hemp seed oil) is the best formulation that will help you overcome your troubles of diabetes and its associated complaints. 

Ingredients: This formulation is backed with the power of 

Benefits: This simple yet mystic use of hemp seed oil has a multitude of benefits in optimizing the functionality of your entire system 

  • With low carbohydrate and sugar content, it's a great supplement for diabetes 
  • Improves gut health 
  • Delays or reduces the severity of menopausal symptoms 
  • Supports skin regeneration and better skin glow 
  • Supports optimal hair structure 
  • Helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels.  

Dosage: A drizzle of this magic mate in your salads or dips to minute doses in cooking will do the charm.

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The science of Ayurveda does not give results overnight. With the right combination of health supplements, it is important to incorporate prudent dietary regulations with lifestyle adaptations that help to attain your systemic optimality. Imbibing the richness of Ayurveda using hemp in your daily diet, is one effective method to reduce aggravated blood sugar levels.
Here is the goodness of Ayurveda to leap you to your diabetic wellness!
Disclaimer: The above article is based on all the research gathered from various sources. Kindly consult an ayurvedic physician and discuss the details of your condition for proper treatment.

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