It's Time to Drop Your Chemical Medications!

How often have you experienced abdominal bloating after an antibiotic course? Or Why do you think people generally put on weight when under steroid medication? How many times have you missed your early morning bus from oversleeping after taking pills?
The Questions are always endless, but the answer is simple : chemical drug combination.

These are just examples where a mere chemical drug has managed to alter your body much more than what you had expected. Many a times while glancing through your newspaper or while conversing with someone, you might have come across the fact that, many people develop a certain malady which under treatment transients to something completely new, further initiates the person to take  medicines for both of these Scenarios!



With the advancement of modern therapeutic management, its kudos! to our present day chemical based drugs that do the job. These formulations are created from the specific chemical component capable of relieving a particular symptom of a particular disease. Most of the time, we seek instant symptomatic relief but wind up taking the same medicine for a week without resolving the underlying illness. Why is that so?
While you choose these formulations you're only choosing your temporary symptomatic relief instead of health restoration.

Few studies consider the side effects of chemical medication therapy as a result of widespread system disruptions rather than focusing on a specific system to initiate its action. Furthermore, as technology advances, existing antibiotic combinations have proven ineffective against microorganisms, since they have become immune to them as a consequence of their constant exposure to the same combinations.

The list of problems we have with oral chemical drugs is never-ending and, to some extent, uncontrollable. It's almost the same for topical applications. Chemicals have a significant penetrating effect on the dermis, causing severe damage to even the most sensitive skin. Urticaria, rashes, speckled blotches on the skin, and other sensations you may experience are caused by the damage to your skin over time.

It's crazy how much we are all troubled with medications and don't bother to change our habits. As the old saying says.. We go back to our ancient deeds! 

But for those who choose to change, what is your option?


Ayurvedic herbs

The answer is simple. Choose plant based medications over chemicals.

Ahara or food is the source of our nutrition, growth and development. Except for meat, poultry and other dairy products, almost the entire diet consists of plants, be it vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts, oils etc. When we depend on these sources almost on a daily basis, how do you possibly assume to attain health with chemicals or rather chemical based combinations?

This is where Ayurveda, a centuries-old medical tradition, comes into play. Herbal formulations, whether for oral administration or topical use, are given significant priority in Ayurveda. Plant-based medicines provide many more benefits than chemical-based alternatives. No animal or its products are used in the formulations because they are vegan. Plant-based diets, or better yet, Ayurveda, is indeed the way to healthy happiness for people who want a whole-body approach. Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals are long-tested, authentic therapies for multisystem care and restoration at the same time.

While chemical based drugs offer effects with side effects, ayurvedic medications offer benefits with side benefits for other systems. Having absolutely no side effects is one characteristic feature of the ayurvedic system of medicine alone. This feature is only possible for the endless amount of plant based products we synthesize. Considering the importance of topical plant based medicines, you will be surprised to know the extent of tissue repair, cell rejuvenation, promotion of growth, and moisturizing effect they offer along with systemic management of the malady.

When phytoconstituents are extracted from plant sources for chemical baked drug synthesis, the main source that is discovered to provide support for the disease is frequently extracted without its complementary half, which normally restores the plant's negative effects on the consumer. Rather than only the phytoconstituent, when a whole plant or a valuable part of it is used for medical purposes, all of the components contained in the plant will have a combined effect on the patient, assisting in the establishment of multi-system homeostasis. In the Ayurvedic philosophy of medicine, plant-based remedies are the source of all extravagance.


hemp leaf

Ayurveda harnesses the capability of certain exceptional pharmaceuticals to achieve this effective action on the recipient in the realm of plant-based formulations. When handled correctly, any plant source has medicinal potential according to Ayurvedic classics. Among the numerous extraordinary herbs available in Ayurveda, One mystic plant with authentic references is the Hemp. Ananta hemp works here to lead you on your way to better health.

Hemp is industrially cultivated especially for medicinal use. They are rich in protein, essential fatty acids and essential amino acids. Recently researchers have concluded that hemp is also a rich source of Iron,Vitamin E, Magnesium, Manganese, Omega 3 and Omega 3 fatty acids. According to purely ayurvedic references, Hemp has  the potential to normalize all bodily entities owing to its hot potency, penetrating effect, quick action, astringent flavor and with the same metabolic end effect. It also helps to activate dormant cognitive capabilities by enhancing the neuro sensitive action of the brain.

Inculcating hemp or its product in your daily diet as a supplementary nutrition or to aid in disease cure under expert guidance will have revolutionary effects on overall systemic metabolism including that of digestion, circulation, good skin texture, healthy brain functioning and overall muscle growth enhancement.

While both contemporary and Ayurvedic medicine, as well as their treatment procedures, are designed to assist mankind, it is up to us to select between side effects and side benefits, temporary alleviation and permanent elimination, and generalist medical care vs a full person focused approach. You still have the option to choose!

Choose Ayurveda to follow the rejuvenation from herbal formulations and ditch the burdens of chemical combinations.

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