Troubled With Those "Bloody" Days : Remedy For Menstrual Cramps

Are you worried and equally anxious about those days,
for the pain you have to suffer?
Here is the best way to see it all vanish!

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Being a woman there are times we wish we never had those painful bleeding days. Sometimes it’s frustrating for the meetings we have missed, trips we have avoided and so much more only for the throbbing pain down there. As Menstruation is a purely hormonal phenomenon the extent of cramps experienced by each individual varies, often depending on the familial history and nutritional status as well. Often certain lifestyle modifications do fire the magic for some, while others continue to eat through the pain during each cycle.

With uncontrolled pain, many people resort to popping pills to solve the issue, ignoring the grave complications that await them in the future. Menstrual cramps are physiological in most conditions, it is only when they show no chance of subsiding, that pathology may be interpreted. Being a part of the modern dynamic world, none of us have the time or patience to loathe menstrual pains. But apart from suffering from them, how can we overcome them? This is where the age of medicinal science, ayurveda comes into play.

Ayurveda and Menstrual cramps

Ayurveda is one branch of science that overlooks the reproductive tissues much beyond adolescence, puberty and pregnancy. Here the menstrual cycle is understood as windows to a woman’s health. By being familiar and in tune with your menstrual cycle you can interpret the doshic imbalance prevailing in your body on a month-to-month basis. Many philosophers opine that menstruation is a timed cleanse in a woman's body, a natural mechanism to flush out vitiated bodily entities. Having doshas as the footstone for ascertaining ayurvedic principles, an exact correlation to many modern ailments may not be found in Ayurveda.

But menstrual cramps or Painful menstruation may be rightfully correlated to Udavarta Yonin Vyapath, one among the 20 uterine maladies mentioned by Acharya Carak in the epic Craka Samhitha. Painful menstruation is understood to occur as a result of accumulated Vata entity within the uterus due to various aetiology, be it trauma, genetics or even improper food and regimen habits.

Ayurveda does not give a standardized treatment protocol, as each body is different and requires different ways of replenishment. Yet a simplified and generalised treatment protocol for the condition can be generated using authentic references.  Externally, Abhyanga or Oil massage using Hing Tailum (oil infused with asafoetida) is done in lower abdominal regions along with a tub bath according to the severity of the condition. Uttara vasti is the next external therapy employed, where lukewarm medicated oil or decoction will be pushed to the uterus through the vaginal opening. Internally the patient will be administered various formulations of ghee, oil, medicated wines and decoction formulations depending on the specific condition of the patient and the nature of the disease.

Menstrual cramps

Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta is set on a revolutionary journey that aims to uplift the health of individuals by providing all-natural plant-based products alongside combining the powers of the super herb, Hemp. We at Ananta Hemp work, focus on bringing the highest quality lifestyle, wellness and nutrition-based products to its valued customers to expand the range of this miracle herb. We focus on establishing a retail brand of lifestyle products that feature hemp seed oil as one of its main components for it has stunning effects in optimizing the body and mind.


The Mystic Action of Hemp

Hemp often called industrial hemp is cultivated specifically for industrial or medicinal purposes. We at Ananta Hemp Works, manufacture our hemp seed oil at a renowned AYUSH and GMP-certified facility offering the highest quality.

The seeds of Vijaya (the Sanskrit for hemp) are potent with several nutritive potentials. It is heavy with sweet flavour and with the same sweet metabolic end effect, it has an upper hand in alleviating the aggravated Vata entity. Its grinding nature calms the nerves and offers a mild sedative action to the nervous system as well. Other than optimising Vata entities, it has also been found to equalise Pitta entities. This function is most useful in optimising uterine conditions. Its hot potency also helps to sharpen the digestive fire and normalise other metabolic functions alongside normalising the Kapha entity as well. Being a complete herb it is the best drug that can save you from your troubles.


Trailokya Vijaya Vati

A Classical Ayurvedic formulation which is an effective natural, plant-based, organic hemp formulation that will help you overcome your constant menstrual pains. Besides menstrual distress, it can be used for various other maladies as well.

Ingredients: the formulation is compounded with two basic components

  • Dried leaves of Vijaya 
  • Vansh Lochan 

Benefits: Vijaya Vati offers a wide range of benefits, almost covering all systemic dysfunctions

  • Assists in chronic pain
  • Helps to manage stress and anxiety-related problems
  • Supports in controlling seizures and neuropathic pain
  • Manages sciatic pain and menstrual cramps
  • Mitigates side effects of chemotherapy and offers ample rejuvenation

Dosage: It is advised to consume 1 tablet once a day or as recommended by your ayurvedic health care practitioner.

Disclaimer: To be consumed under Medical Supervision Only. Ananta does not sell Vijaya Vati without a valid prescription from an Ayurvedic Doctor.

Ayurveda not only offers solutions that enroots the root cause but also provides us with lifestyle modifications that help us to attain the long lost doshic balance by monitoring the fluctuations in our menstrual cycle. Using the menstrual cycle as a window to monitor the eternal well-being of an individual, ayurveda helps relieve pain and restore balance. So for the many women suffering from this intimidating menstrual pain leaning on fewer options, Vijaya Vati is an exceptional ayurvedic option that may help them overcome their menstrual cramps.

Choose Ayurveda and stay balanced!

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