Unraveling Your Tri Doshas


Have you ever wondered what creates individual differences? Why do some people exude grace and tranquility while others are hyperactive and quick to react? Why can some individuals eat a five-course meal with ease while others struggle to finish a salad? Why are some people naturally joyful, while others appear to be carrying the world's weight on their shoulders? Modern genetics provides some answers, but what about the unique characteristics and oddities that each person possesses?

Before the nutrient action and cellular activities which support life, what if we tell you there were bioenergies that influence the various reactions that take place inside the body? Will you believe it?

Well In Ayurveda there are actually three such bio energies governing our body. They are called the Thridoshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

You must be burrowing your eyebrows! So let us explain. 

Tridoshas:  Your foundation for good health


Tridoshas are three functional substrates of the body. Their natural equilibrium is what keeps the body healthy, whereas an interruption in this balance causes physiological and pathological abnormalities, making the body a disease harbour. Hence it is important to understand each dosha in detail to have a better idea. 

  • Vata Dosha

The entity with "inertia of motion" is obtained by combining two of the five universal elements', Sky (Akasha) and Air (Vayu) entities. It is the lightest dosha due to its airy nature, and it propels all bodily mechanisms as well as general motor and sensory functions. Whatever it is that the body does, whether that is circulation, respiration, or locomotion, it is all accomplished under the influence of Vata alone. If you're troubled by cognitive disturbances, look into your Vata!

  • Pitta Dosha 

The Pitta Dosha, the master of digestion, is indeed a fiery element that likes to burn, break, and ignite. The one in command of catabolic reactions, inflammatory regulation, violent regeneration, and, most crucially, facilitating in the kindling of the bio fire known as Agni.

  • Kapha Dosha

The Kapha entity, which has "inertia of rest," is produced by combining the powers of Water (Jala) and Earth (Pridvi). This dosha is in charge of enforcing cellular growth and differentiation in the body, as well as anabolic reactions, virility, and longevity. This entity sustains you in perfect physical and mental shape, presenting you with your daily requirement of serenity and immunity. 

These entities and their corresponding parameters you were born with, cement your physical constitution which remains unchanged throughout your life. This is alluded in Ayurveda as the Prakriti or constitution.

Doshas and their relevance in Ayurveda

There are mainly 7 types of Prakriti according to the classics. Three formed from respective single entities, 3 formed by the combination of two entities and one as the ultimate combo of all three. The constitution of each individual will be the resultant combination of these three entities. Yet for our understanding, they may be divided as groups showing predominance of two doshic status.  

According to the predominance of these entities, the expressions of the body change. If you can gobble down lipsmackin goodies, thank your Pitta. If you have a well maintained body, be grateful for your Vata. And if you're enrolled in lethargy all day long, it’s only your Kapha to blame!. As much doshas can be rewarding, sometimes they might even seem very weary. Simple methods like preferring more Sweet flavors by the Vata predominant people while choosing “the chill” is the goal for keeping track of your Pitta. Kapha can always be tracked with good exercise and some nice pungent flavors. 

Apart from the constitutional part, These doshas transcend physiologically throughout lifespan and during the course of different seasons and age limits. As a child the Kapha entity will be at its peak and at senescence Vata is  the  key. So if you're angry throughout your youth, the Pitta is the mastermind. 

These fluctuations are totally physiological states and do not cause grave disturbances to the self. It’s when these entities are aggravated due to pathological reasons, the body succumbs to diseases. 

It is to manage these misleading wavering within these entities, Ayurveda  focuses on  mindful use of some remarkable herbs and their combinations to bring about their normalcy and thus eliminating the root cause of all maladies.  

Hemp to balance your Tridoshas: 


Among the many miraculous herbs  that have the mystic power to alleviate doshas, one particular herb is the hemp. While hemp is only known for its highly narcotic background under excessive consumption, it's time we unravel the curtain to showcase its goodness. 

Industrial hemp has a hot potency, astringent flavor with the same metabolic end effect and a piercing effect alongside its subtle nature. Its astringent flavor balances Vata entity, while hot potency influences Kapha Dosha. Usually seen as a Pitta aggravator, but when combined with suitable adjuvant owing to its subtle nature, it shows remarkable Pitta alleviating properties as well. This simple herb hereby balances the Tridosha of the body most beautifully. 

The herb is naturally rich in natural minerals, fibers and essential fats as well. Inculcating hemp in your daily diet will have revolutionary effects on all systemic metabolism including digestion, good cardiovascular mechanism, glowing skin, healthy brain functioning,  weight loss due to surge in general metabolism and overall muscle enhancement. 

We at Ananta Hemp Works, focus on bringing the highest quality lifestyle, wellness and all plant nutrition based products to its valued customers to expand the range of this miracle herb. We focus on establishing a retail brand of lifestyle products that feature hemp seed oil as one of its main components for it has stunning effects in optimizing the body and mind in all shobers of optimal health. 

Among our many formulations Anata hemp hearts is a wonderful option for those who like to imbibe doshic normalcy naturally without much effort by simply accommodating them with your normal diet. 

Practically wherever we go in nature, we find species who follow a consistent daily schedule. But as a society, we have largely abandoned this habit. We can heat and cool our homes and workplaces, light the darkness, and connect with life at all hours of the day and night, all thanks to modern types of energy. Many of us have jobs or other obligations that compel us to work on a sporadic basis. Amidst this chaos the balance within the body is most essential. 

As a result, developing a positive relationship with each of the three doshas can have a substantial impact on your overall health and well-being.
Choose Ayurveda …. Choose Health!!

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