Why Ananta Hempworks is a Breakaway in the Health and Wellness Industry

Hemp is the super ingredient finding its rightful recognition only recently. In India its legalisation has come with opportunities for several businesses to tap into the well of this abundant, easy-to-produce resource. Ananta Hempworks is a similar business striving to be an industry leader with a well-founded structure built on sturdy ethical standards. The range of products that spans in our catalogue are not just thoughtfully curated but also empirically beneficial. From oils to raw seed powder, and from personal care to medicinal products, AHW aims to explore the cultivation of hemp in order to reap industrial and commercial use. Vijaya plant has a long history in India. Most historians have believed that the Vijaya plant is native to the Indian subcontinent and perhaps today 60% of all Indian districts have wild Vijaya plant growth.


Extremely sustainable, requires relatively 50% less water and land for commercial production (to cotton), Hemp eliminates the damaging effects of pesticides, weeding fields, and helps control atmospheric CO2 levels. The Hemp plant is now being substituted for production of fibre, grain, fuel, food, oils, proteins, and Cannabidiol (Cannabinoids).

Every part of this plant benefits us, be it the stalk, the seeds, or even the flowers. This environmentally-friendly, climate-adaptive crop is also more productive per area of land than other crops.

Because it contains such positive virtues, hemp is refined and used in the manufacturing of a variety of commercial items. Pharmaceuticals, textiles, paper, food, beverages, furniture, paint, personal care, etc.


Ananta was founded to provide people with an organic alternative way of life. With health at its forefront and wellness backing the innovations, the products by AHW are not just archetypical ayurvedic in nature, they are refined to keep up with mainstream trends and preferences in order to find a market that is not just open but also readily acceptable.

Although, these days it isn’t difficult to convince someone that organic is the future, actually providing something that is wholly natural and sustainable is difficult. The 8 pillars that support the AHW are consciously filtered and stringently adhered to.

1. Plant Based- All AHW products are made with pure plant-based components. Discarding the use of artificial ingredients ensures that the end-result is wholesome in its effects for the user. Even in the personal care range where the contemporary industry is producing products by mixing the natural ingredients with artificial ones for fragrance, colour, added benefits, we ensure that only rich and pure plant based products serve your purpose.

    plant based


    2. Chemical Free- For years now, humans have subjected and conditioned themselves that even though chemicals are a part of the food that they eat and products they use, it doesn’t affect them drastically. But in reality, the consumption of these chemicals (orally or topically) not only slowly deteriorates human endurance and physio-cognitive functions but also degrades the quality of the environment. Which is why all AHW products have a chemical free production to improve human living standards and nurture the environment.

      No Harmful Checmical

      3. Paraben Free-  Parabens are a group of preservatives used in the food, cosmetic, personal hygiene, and pharmaceutical industry. Chiefly used to increase the shelf life of the products it is used in, Parabens used in cosmetics, essentially contains sulphate which strips away natural oils from the skin among other harmful effects on the skin. It is known to disrupt hormonal functions in the human body, sometimes even affecting the reproductive systems. Ananta Hemp Works, consciously chooses to not include parabens in their product composition for the aforementioned reasons.

        Paraben Free

        4. No Animal Testing- In order to stand by Veganism, it is important to protest against animal cruelty and thus all AHW products are produced without animal testing. This practice of animal testing is discouraged not just becuase of the inhuman affects on the animals but also potential risks (like poor disposal of harmful chemicals, food wastage, worsening air and water quality, etc.) that humans and environment are exposed to.

          Not Tested on Animal

          5. Soy Free- A Soy Free diet eliminates consumption of soybeans and all by-products that contain soybeans. For those allergic to Soy or prefer a diet that avoids the use of Soy, AHW products are a great alternative. The hemp seed powder, oil, and  raw hemp seeds are a one stop solution when it comes to meals. They offer multi-faceted benefits to  the heart, brain, intestines, basically the entire human body.

            Soy Free

            6. Gluten Free- Gluten is a family of storage proteins that are naturally found in wheat, barley, rye. Sometimes when consumed by overly sensitive individuals, or excessive consumption of gluten can cause mild fatigue and bloating, alternating between constipation and diarrhea, even unintentional weight loss, malnutrition, and in severe cases intestinal damage. That is why gluten-free diets are vastly promoted under alternative lifestyles. Our products are equally beneficial and not even as damaging as gluten containing products, hence a friendly solution for those allergic or inspired by healthy living.

              Gluten Free

              7. Made In India- From production of the Hemp plant to final product development, everything at AHW is proudly 100% Made in India. The initiative was envisaged to solve the problem of  sustainability in the most natural ways while stimulating positive change in the society. The cultivation, production, packaging have also become a great source of national revenue as the people involved in bringing you our labour of love are part of the Indian economic development.

                Made in India

                Given the holistic approach of the brand, Ananta Hemp Works intends to also associate itself with Government recognized institutes for medical research for medical uses of hemp. The website takes you deeper into our world of Hemp products through stories, applications, and listings. Now is the right to invest in your healthy future and the environment’s sustainable life.

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