How Important Is Your Digestion: Gut Health And Easy Ways To Adopt In Daily Life

How often have you been troubled with constant bloating, indigestion, that irritating heartburn, and forever constipated bowel? The answers to all these queries lie in one simple word, Agni. Here's help to rescue you from these turmoils!

Food is our constant companion, Food is more than just a means of subsistence. We become friends with it, form long-term alliances with it, and count our blessings because of it. Cooking has long been a component of the human experience. Life will always be wonderful with excellent companions and great cuisine on board. But did you know the root cause for most gastrointestinal disturbances you face began its way a few years before? Yes! You heard it right. All that potato chips, nuggets, late-night pizzas, and many more are responsible for your heartburn, constipation or loose bowel, bloated stomach, stomatitis, etc.

The importance of consumption of food in general, especially incompatible food combinations, is solely responsible for a digestive disturbance. A sedentary lifestyle combined with very little physical excretion is the villain of the regimen aspect. Did you know, that the pills of worry you pop in, from your boss’s fuss to the fussing neighbourhood are all in charge of your disrupted digestion?

When you have a "gut sensation," it's trying to tell you something! When it comes to stress and its effects on physiology, the way your body digests information is heavily influenced by your digestive system. While your brain is mostly responsible for your mood, your gut and the bacteria that live in it have an impact on it, and vice versa. It's your intellectual gut sense that informs you whether something feels right or wrong.

Thus, it’s easier to blame your surroundings for poor gut health, but here is Ayurveda for your help.

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Ayurveda, the generations-old science of life corresponds to health using other criteria including the doshic status, the dhatus involved, and most importantly the digestive fire or Agni. According to Ayurveda, it is important to have optimal digestion for it lies at the heart of overall wellness.

This Agni is guided by the Pachaka pitta entity located in the duodenal region of the alimentary canal. It's when this fire is compromised with the reckless food combinations we consume, they get converted into fat with endotoxins that result in the gradual accumulation of fat in our tissues.

There is a simile for our digestive system. We consume and 'offer' food into our digestive fire and it digests the food, and these scented "vapours' nourish the brain's control centres. Nervous impulses are released as a result of this feeding, and enzymes and hormones are released as a result. This boosts systemic metabolic activity, ensuring that the entire body-mind complex runs smoothly


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Ayurveda achieves its most splendid action with the rightful application of certain exceptional herbs. One such mystic herb with cryptic action is hemp.

Ananta is on a mission to help people live healthier lives by providing all-natural plant-based products and empowering the benefits of Hemp. To expand the reach of this wonder herb, we specialize in providing the highest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutritionally rich foods to its satisfied customers.

Hemp is called Vijaya in Sanskrit and is nutritionally rich and versatile. Hemp seeds have a strong flavour and aroma, as well as a sweet metabolic result, which helps to relieve the agitated Vata entity. Its scraping action calms nerves and keeps the nervous system in check. It has been revealed that it not only balances Vata and Pitta but also optimizes Vata. On the other hand, its incredible penetrating power aids in slicing through fat layers and increasing metabolism. On the other hand, it is nearly impossible to find other equivalent herbs that manage all bodily entities with ease.

Its penetrating strength aids in the sharpening of the digestive fire as well as the normalization of other metabolic functions and the Kapha entity, while it sharpens the digestive fire it also improves metabolism, absorption, and assimilation rates as well.

CannaEase VJ Vati 75 for your Support:

After much detailed study and research, we have come up with an effective natural, plant-based, organic hemp formulation that will help you fight to achieve your perfect digestive mechanism.

Ingredients: the formulation is compounded with two basic components
● Hemp leaf extract
● Hemp seed powder

CannaEase VJ Vati 75 has an array of effects on the body. Its key features include:
● It helps to enhance the digestive fire with regular consumption
● Reduces the episodes of bloats and indigestion
● Hemp seed powder in this combination gives you the essential fibres and reduces constipation
● It eliminates the frequent episodes of stomach pain
● With regular use, your endocrine system localized in the gut will be normalized as well.

Dosage: To be consumed as directed by your Ayurvedic health care provider

Trailokya Vijaya Vati:

Another wonderful combination of hemp that aims to improve overall digestive metabolism. It consists of

● Dried Vijaya leaves
● Vanshlochan (Bamboo shoots)

Benefits: The exemplary effects of Trailokya Vijaya Vati include
● It helps to increase appetite
● Strengthens the digestive system
● Prevents the frequent occurrence of stomach upsets
● Has wonderful effects in controlling IBS

Dosage: It is advised to consume the tablets as directed by your Ayurvedic physician.


Vijaya leaf extract formulations are highly effective in ensuring gut health.
In my practice, I have come across many individuals who have a poor digestive mechanism due to compromised lifestyles, increased stress, and improper eating habits. Many patients have other associated complaints due to improper digestion. One particular case that came to my mind is a 50-year-old female with chronic IBS. She had an improper diet and lifestyle throughout her life and complained of constipation, mild bleeding in stools with episodes of heartburn. With the regular intake of hemp formulations as OP management for 21 days, all her symptoms were reversed. Her appetite became normal with optimal bowel and total absence of heat burns and bleeding stool.


Here are some points that will help you empower your agni to its optimacy along with our supplements

● The right food for your body:

right food for gut health
Food, in general, is just a broad term. While you consider avoiding all incompatibles from your diet, it is equally important to eat according to your body type. People of the Vata constitution who have constant episodes of bloats and irregular digestion should cut down on the dry foods they consume. Similarly, The ones with Pitta can reduce the hot and sour spices in your diet. For Kapha individuals, it is vital to cut down on all those excessive sweets. Considering this simple pattern in your diet will have exceptional results alongside the supplements.

● Exercise:
morning exercise
Regular exercise can always improve the functioning of your digestive system. For this, you can consider yoga postures like vajrasana, padmasana, and other meditative and non-meditative postures that help to enhance the quality of your Agni.

● Meditation:

Your gut feelings are controlled by the state of your mind. To ensure optimal digestion it is equally important to keep your mind clear with no stress or disturbing thoughts. This can be achieved by incorporating meditation techniques into your daily life.

Stress, in the correct amount, is beneficial to both the body and the mind. A person with healthy stress is more productive, energetic, cheerful, and creative.

The difficulty is that stress causes a cascade of physiological responses that can take a major toll over time, regardless of whether the stress is genuine or perceived. Burnout, overwhelm irritation, tiredness, and a reduced immunological response can all come from chronically high levels of stress.

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Your Agni is your protector when treated the right way. Incorporating simple techniques of lifestyle modifications including yoga and meditations with the prudent use of Ayurvedic supplements that foster your Agni, you can guide your wellness.
Use Hemp as your hero to empower your heroic Agni!

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