The Need For A Futuristic Herb: Hemp For Development

Have you ever felt the need for a comprehensive medicine that cures all your ailments in one go? Or the perfect remedy that not only cures the maladies but also provides you with your wanted source of nutrition?
Here is the herb of the future, the perfect combo of health and wellness with the equitation of Hemp and Ayurveda!!

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How many times have you felt your immunity dropping after a dose of modern medicine? How many times have you been affected by other opportunistic diseases while taking medication for any particular ailment? You might have heard of experiences where a person under medication for a particular disease develops another systemic failure as a result of chemical action!

Forget about all those, what about the frequent episodes of bloating while on any antibiotic course?

Modern Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine

If you think about it, the cases of medicine hampering your general body system can be vividly felt and seen in your body itself. Many times, we have compromised our health when we have to look up to chemical medicines for help. From something as simple as the destruction of the intestinal flora to the development of opportunistic skin eruptions and the accumulation of chemicals within the body, the chemical pharmaceuticals that we consume often remove the balance in the body. Certain research conducted in this field has come up with results suggestive of other disease progression due to the weakening of the immune system while under medication because these medicines release oxidants and free radicals. While these entities are essential for disease cure, the same tend to accumulate in the body and produce other maladies.

So, what can we do about this? Aren't there any other alternatives?

Of Course, there is the power of holistic healing, Ayurveda!

Unlike other branches of medicine, Ayurveda cures the disease by empowering the immune mechanism while shovelling away the key aetiology for the formation of the disease. Thereby, at the end of the therapy, you benefit from better immunity, improved body mechanism, better health, better digestive power, and in short, uplifted greater wellness from the inside out.

Ayurveda attains these magnificent results with the help of powerful plants from nature instead of artificially synthesized chemicals. Ayurveda emphasizes the efficacy of approximately 8000 plant species for a range of medical purposes. Some such plants improve the whole system's functionality, while others might be utilized as the best treatments for a specific medical problem. Hence, there are no consequences for its consumption.

Hemp In Ayurveda

As mentioned above, miraculous action can never be attained without the help of wonderful plant derivations. One such magnificent herb used in Ayurveda since the early Vedic age is Hemp. Often called Vijaya or bhang in classical Ayurvedic texts, this is the perfect demonization of medicine designed for the future.

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Hemp seeds have long been a staple of our colourful culture. From the ancient Egyptians to the Harappan civilizations, the use of hemp in many forms has been identified by archaeologists. The seeds of hemp or Vijaya as understood in Sanskrit, are potent with several nutritive potentials. It is heavy with a sweet flavor and with the same sweet metabolic effect, it has the upper hand in alleviating the aggravated Vata entity. Its grinding action soothes nerves and has a slight calming effect on the cardiovascular system. It has been discovered that, in addition to optimizing Vata entities, it also equalizes Pitta entities. Its fiery potency also aids in the sharpening of the digestive fire and the normalization of other metabolic activities, as well as the normalization of the Kapha entity.

Apart from these, Hemp seeds are a potent source of plant protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and essential amino acids. It also serves a portion of carbohydrates with essential vitamins and minerals.  Research conducted on the efficacy of hemp has shown exceptional results. Being almost a source of complete nutrition, it not only diminishes the occurrence of the disease and its pathogenicity but also improves immunity and eliminates the root cause of the same.

Hemp leaves are actively used in many medications for their exceptional power to normalize the sleep-wake cycle, reduce the accumulation of Vata in the body and enrich the digestive mechanism.

Ananta Hemp Works

We've taken a bold step toward enhancing people's health by providing all-natural plant-based products and incorporating the advantages of the remarkable herb Hemp. We want to create a lifestyle retail brand with hemp seed oil as one of the main ingredients because it has tremendous health and mental benefits.

We've embarked on a ground-breaking mission to provide the outstanding advantages of authentically purified Hemp while also incorporating Ayurvedic expertise. We strive to ensure that more people will benefit from this intriguing herb. Our goal is to inform our clients about the benefits of hemp products while also making Ayurveda therapy available to as many people as possible.

Thus, the need for that perfect medicine that sustains your wellness and further improves the quality of your life without compromising the nutritional aspect leads to the complete herb, Hemp.

Join us in this journey to recover your health with futuristic herbs with the potential of authentic Ayurveda!

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