The Super Power Of Hemp Seed Oil

How often are we on the lookout for the perfect herbal remedy that helps to vanish all our problems! Most of the time, our disappointment and revelation strike in no such commodity.
This is where the goodness of hemp seed oil from Ananta Hemp Works is here for your rescue.

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From being a part of this fast-paced society, our lifestyle has gone haywire. From untimely consumption of food, sedentary lifestyle, and all the constant turmoils of stress we have to go through, they have a catastrophic effect on our health. Leaving the regimes aside for a while, if we focus on our food habits, it's all the more frustrating. From incompatible food combinations to keto diets to packed frozen foods to many others, the body is deprived of its optimal nutritional intake. The case is not so good with sleep either, it's either too little with the stress or too much again with the stress. Either the pills that help us sleep or the pills that keep us awake to complete the task at hand. In short, we are cramping our body to function to the maximum while providing it with the bare minimum.

Now if you're facing an endless list of troubles at physical, physiological, and mental aspects of the body, the cause is in your lifestyle.


According to Ayurveda, the ancient science of wellness emphasises the importance of Ahara (a good diet), Swapna (good sleep), and Brahmacharya (Good regimen) known as the Triupasthamba (three pillars), to maintain the health and wellness of the body. If any one of these pillars is not enriched effectively, it results in the downfall of the entire building. So is the case with the body when in the present scenario all these three components are composed beyond repair.

But if you feel the change is vital for your empowerment, then you are in the right place. Here is the holistic power of Ayurveda to help you recover from these snags using the power of an ancient power herb: Hemp.

Hemp: The Saviour

Hemp seeds have long been a staple of our colourful culture. From the ancient Egyptians to the Harappan civilization, the use of hemp in many forms has been identified by archaeologists. Hemp seed oil is made from the hemp plant's seeds. Cold-pressing technique is used to extract oil, identical to how olives are cold-pressed to generate olive oil.

The importance, application, and therapeutic use of Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in Ayurveda are important to understand the range of hike this simple herb gives for overall wellness.

The Nutritional Aspect of Hemp Seed Oil

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Hemp seed is also high in essential lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and other primary and secondary minerals, giving it a nutritional edge. Hemp seeds are the most diverse, nutrient-dense, and resilient resource of all essential nutrients for the human body. Suppose you include hemp in your daily diet. In that case, it will have revolutionary effects on all systemic metabolism, including digestion, a healthy cardiovascular system, bright and even skin, good mental abilities, management of weight due to a boost in general metabolism, and overall muscle enhancement.

    Several of these micronutrients offer essential elements to the body while also contributing to general wellness. It's worth noting that hemp seeds are high in iron (20 percent of your recommended daily diet). This helps to avoid anaemia or iron deficiency. Here is the simple yet wonderful way to block away from your nutritional insufficiencies!

    Ayurvedic Qualities of Hemp

    • Rasa (flavour): Tikta (bitter)
    • Guna (properties): Laghu (light), Theeksha (sharp), Vyavayi (spreads quickly i,e; quick action)
    • Virya (potency): Usha (hot)
    • Vipaka (metabolic end effect): Katu (astringent)
    • Karma (action): Helps to alleviate Vata and Kapha entities.
    • Prabhava (special effect): Nidraganaka (sleep-inducing), Vedana Stapana (pain relieving)

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    Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

    Hemp seed oil has a general effect on the entire systemic functions, yet some of its exceptional benefits are:

    • Improved cardiovascular health
    • Anti-inflammatory action
    • Enhances skin glow
    • Reduces the occurrence of cognitive snags like seizures
    • Anti-Ageing properties
    • Relief from chronic pain
    • Helps to maintain the health of female reproductive organs
    • Enhances cellular rejuvenation and regeneration

    Hemp in Ayurvedic Therapeutics

    With such great action on all the bodily systems, the hemp seed oil is much used in Ayurvedic treatment protocols as well as for internal administration. Apart from its consumption as a nutritional supplement, it is used externally and internally to attain doshic hemostasis.

    Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic treatment done externally to reduce the accumulation of vitiated Kapha entity from the skin and to enfranchise the digestive fire. When this therapy is done with the help of hemp seed oil, its innate Kapha-Vata alleviating action renders the job in no time. While giving the added benefits of anti-aging, pain-relieving action while it soothes the mind and body, it also helps to aid the optimal function of digestive fire.

    Apart from internal medication, hemp seed oil can be consumed as well according to the guidelines of an ayurvedic doctor to optimise all bodily functions and to boost all systemic metabolism.

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    Ananta Hemp Works

    Ananta has embarked on a ground breaking path to improve people's health by delivering all-natural plant-based goods and integrating the benefits of the super herb, Hemp. Ananta Hemp Works focuses on offering the finest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-oriented goods to its devoted clients to broaden the scope of this wonder herb. We want to build a retail brand of lifestyle products with hemp seed oil as one of the core ingredients because it has amazing effects on the body and mind.

    We've embarked on a pioneering quest to give the benefits of hemp while also combining the wisdom of Ayurveda. We hope to guarantee that more people benefit from this fascinating herb by working together with our partners. Our objective is to educate our customers about the benefits of hemp solutions while also making ayurvedic therapy accessible to as many individuals as possible.

    It's time to unravel the veil around the presumptions around hemp and incorporate its goodness to empower our lives.
    Join us in this journey to get hold of your health!

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