Hypertension and Hemp: Time To Calm Your Nerves

The question is to many of us who dumped all the world's stress on ourselves. How healthy do you think your cardiovascular system is?

Are you sure you might be healthy from within?

Hypertension prevention

Do you know the extent of atrocities your body is facing for the endless supply of tension you provide to your system? From your boss's endless pressure to all the incompatibles and untimely food habits, your health is often compromised beyond recovery. And this is where the lifestyle disorders of hypertension and its complications seem to originate.

Although genetics do have a game to play in hypertension; stress, anxiety, a sedentary lifestyle, and the lack of proper exercise and sleep are the key factors for the development of hypertension in young adults.

Before we comprehend the Ayurvedic aspect of the disease, it's important to understand its modern view. The pacemaker (SA node) placed in the heart regulates the normal pumping action of the blood throughout the body. When the arteries that transport this blood lose their elasticity or its path is hindered by any other matter (like fat accumulation on the walls), the normal pumping action of the heart becomes more forceful resulting in elevated blood pressure and thus the pathology of hypertension.

Much often the complications of heart attack or even stroke can develop from untamed blood pressure from hypertension. It is thus essential to manage this silent villain at the very beginning to ensure health.

Hypertension Through an Ayurvedic View

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There is no specific correlation to Hypertension in Ayurveda, but there are many conditions that explain similar situations. In Ayurveda, hypertension without particular symptoms in the mild and moderate levels has not been deemed an illness. While trying to understand the doshes involved in hypertension, although circulation is done by Vyana type of Vata, here all three entities of the body seen it be vitiated.

Unhealthy dietary habits and a modern sedentary lifestyle, whether due to genetic susceptibility or not, cause an imbalance in all of the Tridoshas, triggering hypertension aetiology in the Ayurvedic view. These factors aggravate the Kapha entity and allow its stagnation within the Dhamani (arteries), thus resulting in the formation of Hypertension.

By imbibing the protective action of hemp, you can secure the health of your heart.

Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to improve the quality of people's health by delivering all-natural plant-based goods and integrating the benefits of the super herb, Hemp plant. Ananta Hemp Works focuses on offering the finest quality lifestyle, wellness, and nutrition-oriented goods to its devoted clients to broaden the scope of this wonder herb. We want to build a retail brand of lifestyle products with hemp seed oil as one of the major ingredients because it has amazing effects on the body and mind.

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The seeds of hemp plant or Vijaya plant as understood in Sanskrit, are potent with several nutritive potentials. It is heavy with a nutty and sweet flavour and with the same sweet metabolic end effect, it has an upper hand in alleviating the aggravated Vata entity. Its grinding action soothes nerves and has a slight calming effect on the cardiovascular system. It has been discovered that, in addition to optimising Vata entities, it also equalises Pitta entities.  Its fiery potency also aids in the sharpening of the digestive fire and the normalisation of other metabolic activities, as well as the normalisation of the Kapha entity.

Another astonishing quality regarding its content is Its strong piercing power, which aids in cutting through fat layers and improving metabolism. This same quality is essential to remove the accumulation of Kapha as fat on the inside of arteries, a condition called atherosclerosis that is the most common cause of hypertensive complications.

HEMP For Your Support: Stress-Free To Do The Magic

CannaEase Stress-Free is a wonderful combination of Vijaya leaf extract oil with other potent ingredients that helps to lower the symptoms of hypertension and its complications on the body.



  • Has anti-inflammatory action
  • Helps to reduce the Kapha accumulations within vessels
  • Helps to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Lowers the episodes of insomnia
  • Improves cellular immunity
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Has neuro-protective action that aids to optimise brain functions
  • Has a mild analgesic action


As directed by your Ayurvedic healthcare practitioner.

The heart is among the most important organs in the body.

Heart disease is the top cause of death for the entire middle-aged population in India, thus the heart is an organ that deserves our much attention and care.

It's up to you to decide the extent of protection you are willing to offer to this important organ. While considering our supplementary hemp nutrition it is also important to follow the right diet and regimen pattern.

Use this as your opportunity to enhance your cardiovascular system with the combined goodness of hemp in Ayurveda!

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