Mesmerizing Locks With Ayurvedic Vijaya

How wonderful it is to see long luscious hair that crowns your head that gives you a blissful aura as well!
Here is the power of Vijaya along with Ayurveda in the form of hemp to help you empower this pride.

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The flowy locks sway with the wind and singing songs with your happiness are the best feeling every human can get. Be it a guy or a girl, who doesn't love to have beautiful hair that compliments their face especially when hair is seen as an icon of beauty. We are always on the lookout for products or other sources that claim hair health. But have you thought of the real problem? What is it that damages this grace?

Many of us are so cramped in our stressed environment that we miss out on certain key points that are much necessary for hair health.
Beginning with the "no breakfast day" to the hair products and the pills of tension are all incompatible for your lifestyle.

It is so much easier to blame the situation, but incorporating the best technique that saves your hair is just a grasp away. Engage in this Ayurvedic journey to lock the secrets for your splendid locks.

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Ayurveda And Hair Health

Ayurveda is the Indian branch of Medicine that emphasizes the elimination of the root cause for attaining general wellness of the body. Here the disease is understood and comprehended based on the doshic fluctuations shown through the body as their corresponding aggravation and alleviation in the signs and symptoms.

According to ayurvedic principles, the hair is contemplated as the Dhatu Mala (end product of ) of Asthi (bone tissue element), and It is mainly believed to be inherited from the paternal aspect. Even then there are unique variations in everyone’s hair based on their innate Prakriti or bodily constitution governed by the entities of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Based on the predominance of these three entities, there are a few natural advantages and drawbacks that each individual may have. For those with a vata constitution, it's sad to say that their hair has a natural tendency to be dry and frizzy. But never compromise on your fluids and always keeping the hydration in the scalp is the best option.

hair fall in maleFor those with Pitta constitution, their hair is mostly coppery and thin with constant hair fall. It's normal, just to enhance the body with the intake of cooling diets and deep hydration.

The individuals with Kapha predominant are comparatively on the safer side, their hair will be stronger, fuller, and thicker with constant chances for infections due to increased moisture content. Mildly acidic hair rejuvenators like apple cider vinegar will do the charm.

Herbs That Are Powerhouse For Hair

Ayurveda maintains the optimacy of the body by incorporating the combined action of diets, regimens, and of course herbal medications. While staying away from all incompatible food sources and enriching the food with good sources of nutrition is the simplest way to guide your hair growth. Following a stress-free lifestyle, calming yourself with meditations, the right hair care routine, and avoiding all harsh chemicals and cosmetic products on the skin are essential for the regime aspect.

A few herbs that have classical hair-enhancing properties are listed below.
● Amalaki: The Indian gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis) is an exceptional herb that improves hair growth both when consumed internally or applied externally with respective adjuvants.

● Bhringraj: The mature shoots of Eclipta alba have Keshya property or the ability to enhance the maturation of hair follicles, thus fastening hair growth and giving a natural shine to the hair when applied on the scalp as oil formulations.

● Neeli: This simple shrub can give natural blackness to the hair. Indigofera tinctoria is a good source for eliminating scalp disorders as well.

Ananta Hemp Works

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Yet another exceptional herb that helps to protect the hair is Hemp.

Ananta is on a quest to assist people to live healthier lives by offering all-natural plant-based goods and educating people about the health advantages of hemp. Specializing in supplying the finest quality lifestyle, health, and nutritionally rich meals to its happy clients to broaden the accessibility of this wonder herb.

Hemp seeds, also known as Vijaya in Sanskrit, are nutrient-dense and adaptable. It has a nutty flavor as well as a pleasant metabolic consequence that aids in the relief of agitated Vata. Its scraping action soothes nerves and regulates the neurological system. It has been discovered that it not only balances and optimizes Vata and Pitta. Its tremendous penetrating capacity, on the other hand, aids in slicing down fat layers and improving metabolism. Other medicines that regulate all bodily entities with ease, on the other hand, are practically impossible to find.

While it practically calms all the aggravated entities at its root, hemp seed oil and hemp seeds help to eliminate the root cause that stops one from embracing beautiful hair.

Hemp Hearts for overall support

Hemp hearts have now conquered the pantry with its multitude of effects that helps to optimize general body metabolism and thus enhancing hair growth with FSSAI also considering it a food source that is good for humans.

● The essential oils present in hemp hearts nourish the scalp from inside out when consumed as well as applied.
● Ability to normalize the three entities has a deep effect on maintaining the quality of hair growth.
● Thiamine, a protein needed for hair growth, is abundantly available in hemp hearts.
● It helps to enhance cell growth and rejuvenation.

How to use it?
It's totally up to you, you can blend them with your favorite smoothies or sprinkle them on salads or anything of your choice.

Hemp Shampoo Bar

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This neutral blend of purely authentic herbs help to enhance the radiance of your silky hair.

● Hemp seed oil
● Hibiscus oil
● Onion oil
● Jojoba oil
● Caustic soda
● Glycerine
● Castor oil

● Repairs damaged hair follicles and nourish them from within
● Helps to volumize hair
● Helps to balance the ph of the scalp, urging the development of hair free from any pathogens
● Helps to prevent hair loss and provides an enhanced hair regrowth formula

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As you can see, when it pertains to Ayurvedic hair care, there are plenty of possibilities that enhance your curls and strands to their richness.
Of course, the most essential thing is to pursue those possibilities that best reflect your constitution.

Continue to embrace the goodness of Ayurveda through your diet, regime, and the right supplementary nutrition through embracing the power of hemp!

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