Mystery Of Hemp In Ayurveda: Hemp And Its Mentions

Have you ever wondered about the importance of plants in the Ayurvedic system of medicine?

What about the importance of hemp in Ayurveda?
Come along on this journey to understand the depths of knowledge and understanding regarding this wonder herb!!

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Do all plants have medicinal properties? Do all plants have the ability to heal, even the poisonous ones?! But how can they be converted from poisonous to non-poisonous? Or, are these herbs used for their toxic actions?

These are some of the questions most often faced concerning the use of both conventional and unconventional herbs in Ayurvedic treatment protocol.

Before answering these questions, it is primarily important to understand Ayurveda. Ayurveda is one branch of Indian medicine that emphasizes the importance of health maintenance in the healthy and further the elimination of the disease in the diseased.

Here, before treating patients with internal remedies, a proper diet, and lifestyle modifications are advised to diagnose their ailments.

Importance Of Plants in Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that the body and the universe are a combination of Five universal elements, so the right application of nature in your life is a great way to the upliftment of health.  Thus, In the Ayurvedic rehabilitation process, plant-based medications play a significant role. Or rather there are no substances on the planet that cannot be employed as a potential medicine.

Plant-based ayurvedic remedies account for roughly 90% of the total. Food and spices have a weaker impact on the body than Ayurvedic botanicals. As a result of these acts, the plant can counteract pathophysiological processes and balance the doshas. Traditional Indian medicines, such as Ayurveda, are gaining popularity as a result of their comprehensive approach to health management.

Ayurveda has emphasized the importance of over 8000 species of plants for various medical uses. Certain plants optimize the functionality of the entire system while others can be used as the supreme medications for a particular medical condition.

HEMP: The Medical Savior

Among the many medicinal plants, one specific plant that has been the boom in recent years for its exceptional qualities is the Hemp sativa.

vijaya leaf extract oil

Vijaya or Bhanga as called in Sanskrit is classified as one among the 11 varieties of Upavisha by Rasa Ratna Tarangini (Classical Ayurvedic text). Upavishas are those drugs that are capable of producing signs of intoxication in the healthy when ingested by any means, specifically the oral method. They are mild poisons and have a milder effect on the strength and health of an individual. For this very reason, many Upavisha including hemp are abundantly used in the manufacture of ayurvedic formulations after thorough purification.

:॥ धत्तूरबीजं विजया गुञ्जा भल्लातकाह्वयः ||
विषतिन्दुकबीजं च त्वहिफेनञ्च रेचकम् ।
अर्कक्षीरं स्नुहीक्षीरं लांगली करवीरकम् ।
समाख्यातो गणोऽयं तु बुधैरुपविषा भिधः । ॥

The purification method used for Vijaya for medical purposes is Swedana. The leaves of Vijaya are tied in a cloth and boiled in Milk for 3 hours and later sun-dried before being incorporated into formulations.

If the leaves of Vijaya are used without purification or with a faulty purification method, they become a chronic deliriant poison and lead to intoxication, where a medical emergency is needed. Authentic Ayurvedic texts also describe the fatal signs of poisoning with Hemp.

विजयायां तु तैमिर्यं मनोविभ्रम एव च ।
अपस्मृतिः प्रलापश्च वान्तिः कण्ठे विशुष्कता ।।

RajaNighantu, another classical text mentions Vijaya as a superlative alleviator for Vata predominance. Owing to its hot potency (Ushna Virya) and Astringent metabolic end effect (Katu Vipaka), it helps to optimize the aggravated levels of the Kapha entity. Hemp can be widely used to improve digestion, enhance metabolism, reduce pains and swelling, and regulate immunity.

भंगा तिक्ता लघुस्तीक्ष्णा ग्राहिणी कफहारिणी ।
 दीपना पाचिनी चैव पित्तला मदकारिणी ।।
 भंगा क्षुद्दीपनी चैव ध्वजभंगहरा परम् ।
 स्वप्नमेहहरा चैव शुक्रस्तम्भनकारिणी ।।
 निद्राप्रदायिनी कामं कामोद्दीपनकारिणी ।
प्रलापनाशिका चैव धनुःस्तम्भहरा तथा ।
आन्त्रशूलहरा चैव वृक्कशूलप्रणाशिनी ।
 पित्तशोषजशूलघ्नी त्वामाशयबलप्रदा ।।
अजीर्णजातिसारघ्नी तथाजीर्णनिवारिणी ।।

Apart from these, the references of Vijaya are available in Charaka Samhita Chikitsa Sthana, visha chikitsa Adyaya in the context of Banga Visha, and Sushruta Samhita Uttara Tantra in the context of Stavara Visha Gana.

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Considering Ayurveda for attaining optimum health and wellness is a great method to tone your body with beats of nature. Incorporating dietary regulations, lifestyle modifications and the right supplementary nutrition is a remarkable method of holistic healing.

Make the right choice of optimum health and wellness with the science of Ayurveda and the power of hemp!

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